John P. Tansey

I grew up in a home where... 

If you wanted a car when you were 16, then you had to buy it with your own money. So, I rode my bike to work at KFC as a 15yr.old to earn my first Jeep. That was only the beginning... whenever the carburator broke, I learned how to fix it; and I probably fixed that Jeep 100 times.

I've been accountable to solve my own problems for a lifetime. Now, after a Mechanical Engineering degree, an MBA, Lean Six Sigma, PMP, here I am.


I apply the same accountability and problem-solving skills to fix or grow businesses

Its fulfilling to know that my most recent opportunity at ATCO LanAir, Inc. showcased this: As the Technical Director, I lead the transformation of a 17yr.old start-up into a world-class benchmark organization.

A former VP recently asked me to lead his Program Management Office, unfortunately it required relocation to another country. The skill that he wanted was my unique combination of being strategically savvy, yet tactically able to engage a team and actually deliver results.


At the moment...

I'm looking for a new opportunity to repeat that value by harmonizing the people, processes, products, and programs required for results. I work especially well in a regulated industry that demands high standards.

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